Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Qontigo Sustainability Solutions

Optimize Your Impact with Our Index and Analytics Offering

Understanding and addressing ESG related risk is core to investment decisions today. We follow a collaborative approach to work with you to define and target your sustainability parameters and goals. Our comprehensive suite of solutions will enable you to optimize your impact on your journey to full sustainability integration.

Sustainability solutions aligned with your goals and values

Our best-in-class solutions across index, analytics and portfolio construction tools consider your need to integrate environmental, social and governance metrics alongside the traditional risk-return framework.

And, because we understand the need to integrate your own views and sustainability objectives, our curated, open ESG data and partnering architecture offers you choice and the ability to customize our solutions to create the strategy that’s right for you.

What makes us different is from within: our DNA

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This document presents Qontigo’s methodology for reporting the sustainable investment percentage of its indices in line with the EU’s Sustainable Finance Disclosures regulation requirements.

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Whether you’re focused on ESG, SRI or Climate Transition, we partner with you in multiple ways:

Provide direct access to ESG data (e.g. SDI AOP, Clarity AI) and our leading portfolio construction and risk modelling infrastructure

Offer comprehensive ESG Indices (e.g. ESG-X Benchmarks, EURO STOXX 50 ESG, DAX 50 ESG, DAX ESG Target) and Climate Benchmarks (e.g. PAB/CTB)

Plug your own ESG data seamlessly into our leading portfolio construction and risk management tools

Support the customization of your own solutions across index and analytics (e.g., building bespoke indices, designing your own climate risk scenarios)

Implement ESG and sustainability across your entire value chain

Access ESG data & scores

Build portfolios

Develop benchmark indices

Conduct risk analysis

Design reports

To learn more about Deutsche Börse Sustainable Solutions, visit the Group’s ESG Product Hub.