Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Case Studies

Flexiblity for Asset Owner Portfolios: iSTOXX MUTB Index Series

Asset Owners

ETF Providers

The Need

Investors have in recent years turned to smart beta strategies as a way to generate above-market returns while capturing the low-cost, simplicity and transparency benefits of index-based investing.

The Challenge

One of Asia’s largest banks sought to offer smart beta products to its asset owner clients to tap growing demand and meet their investment needs. Despite its longstanding experience in developing active strategies, the bank lacked the capabilities to design and manage sophisticated indices.

The Solution

Working in conjunction with the client, we devised a series of co-branded indices that offer investors a spectrum of strategy tools, each one with specific optionality that gives them versatility and flexibility in constructing their passive portfolios. We also provided full support in index development and management, allowing the bank’s end-users to benefit from our strength and experience, and from the objectivity and neutrality of having a third-party index provider.

The STOXX Advantage

‘Open architecture’ philosophy allows us to work with the leading data providers, including local data sources

Our indices respond to specific client needs, and we work together with stakeholders in every step of the process to design solutions that are viable and efficient from a trading perspective