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Continue active refreshing of this index's data?


Revenue-based Thematic Indices

Classical selection approach

The STOXX revenue-based thematic indices use the FactSet Revere Business Industry Classification System (RBICS) data set, whose unique content sets provide a dynamic industry taxonomy. The highly granular and accurate sector and industry classification (up to 1,500 distinct sub-industries identified) allows a detailed breakdown of companies’ revenue sources, helping to identify and select businesses with substantial exposure to specific themes.

Key benefits

Broad universe

Thematic portfolios are derived from either the STOXX® Global Total Market Index or the STOXX® Developed Markets Total Market

Involvement screening

The indices employ one of the most granular sector analysis data sets for efficient representation of the theme

Minimum liquidity

We apply a trading value filter to avoid investments in illiquid securities

Guaranteed exposure

The indices select stocks most exposed to sectors associated with the specific theme, and weight the portfolio towards companies with the highest aggregate thematic exposure and the largest market capitalizations

Sustainable investing

ESG screenings are implemented within thematic portfolios

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STOXX Global Smart City Infrastructure Index

The STOXX Global Smart City Infrastructure Index tracks the performance of companies deploying the physical structures and facilities needed as urban development gets more intelligent and efficiency-focused. As such, the index targets two global thematic trends: that of smart cities and of infrastructure.

As cities in the digital era are faced with expanding populations, limited natural resources, rapidly changing technology and the need to protect the environment, new facilities are required to address challenges and exploit innovative means of transport, housing, energy, waste management and communications.

STOXX Global Electric Vehicles & Driving Technology Index

The STOXX Global Electric Vehicles & Driving Technology Index is comprised of companies from selected countries exposed to a defined theme: electric vehicles and assisted-driving technologies. This includes firms which are involved in the manufacturing of electric and autonomous vehicles, battery suppliers for electric vehicles, other suppliers in the electric and autonomous vehicle manufacturers’ supply chain, as well as companies providing electric vehicle charging stations and battery charging equipment.

These companies, or components of their business lines, are expected to benefit from long-term structural trends driving economic change and which, in the future, may have a substantial impact on their performance. Revere (RBICS) data allow a detailed breakdown of the revenue sources of the eligible companies, helping this index to select companies with substantial exposure to the theme.

STOXX Global Digitalisation Index

The STOXX Global Digitalisation Index tracks the performance of companies involved in driving digital transformation as the digital economy displaces established business models and industries.

Digitalisation refers to the transformation of activities via intelligent technologies.

At consumer level, this shift has been epitomized by the adoption of the mobile phone in our daily lives, but digitalisation has impacted all industries.

Revenues from global digital transformation are expected to expand at more than 20% a year this decade.

STOXX Global Breakthrough Healthcare Index

The STOXX Global Breakthrough Healthcare Index tracks the performance of companies involved in healthcare innovation.

Shifting global demographics, social changes and the increased application of technology are driving transformation. At the cutting edge of technology, breakthrough healthcare companies have the potential to make traditional drug therapies obsolete and create whole new markets.

The global digital healthcare market is predicted to grow to USD 278.3bn by 2027 – an annual growth rate of 19.04%.

STOXX Global Automation & Robotics Index

The STOXX Global Automation & Robotics Index tracks the performance of companies involved in over 40 relevant FactSet RBICS sectors.

Robotics has the power to deliver cost savings and efficiency gains, helping drive corporate profits.

The global industrial robotics market is estimated to surpass USD 96 bn by the end of 2028, growing from USD 33 bn in 2022.

The global non-industrial robotics market is slated to exceed USD 230 bn by 2025, from USD 115 bn in 2022.

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