Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?


STOXX Global Metaverse

Track the innovators building our future virtual world

The STOXX Global Metaverse index selects companies exposed to a defined set of technologies related to the ongoing adoption of the Metaverse. These range from interactive virtual platforms, wearables and immersive technologies to computer processing capabilities, digital twin solutions and infrastructure. Together, these modern applications are expected to deeply impact consumers and businesses across industries.

What do you need to know about the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is an emerging technology-focused theme that simulates the real world or imagines a universe beyond it, integrating digital and physical interactions for an immersive experience. ​

This virtual ecosystem is positioned for exponential growth. Its economic value has been forecasted to reach $5 trillion by 2030.1

1 McKinsey & Co., ‘Value creation in the metaverse,’ June 2022.

Index performance

STOXX® Global Metaverse

Key features

Unique, forward-looking, patent-based methodology designed to target innovators in early-stage technologies

Two ways to select companies operating in the Metaverse based on high-quality patents and specialization scores in related technologies

Exposure to the Metaverse core as well as broader themes driving our digital future

Diversified sector exposure, reflecting growing use cases across industries

How are companies captured in the STOXX Global Metaverse index?

Because the Metaverse is an emerging concept, many of the products and solutions at the core of its functioning are likely to be at the early stages of development and adoption.

Investors seeking exposure to the pioneer businesses shaping the Metaverse need more forward-looking datasets than the traditional revenue streams, which are not generated until much later in a product’s lifecycle.

The filing and publication of patents serves as a quantitative and verifiable measure of innovation and can provide an indication of a company’s future activity and leadership within each technology.


Using patent data to capture the greatest innovators in the Metaverse

In this paper, we explore the rationale and methodology behind the construction of the index. We start by explaining the concept of megatrends and how they can be captured through thematic indexing, using a multifaceted approach. We look as well at the index performance before concluding with an outlook on the opportunities for the Metaverse in the years to come.

The STOXX Global Metaverse index employs EconSight’s innovative patents database. The specialist analytics provider uses a sophisticated patent classification system and indicators that help identify companies with high-quality and specialized intellectual property in cutting-edge technologies associated with the Metaverse.

Top index constituents by number of high-quality patents