Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Press Releases — June 6, 2024

STOXX Digital Asset Blue Chip Selected as Underlying Index by Swiss Private Bank Maerki Baumann

ZUG, Switzerland (June 6, 2024) — STOXX Ltd., part of the ISS STOXX GmbH group of companies and a leading provider of benchmark and custom index solutions to global institutional investors, has licensed the STOXX Digital Asset Blue Chip Index to the Zurich-based Swiss private bank, Maerki Baumann & Co. Ltd. The index will serve as an underlying for the “ARCHIP Crypto Certificate” and “Crypto Focus Module” that are actively managed by the private bank.

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“Investment strategies are evolving, with a noticeable embrace of digital assets as investors seek to broaden their portfolios with alternative asset classes. We are excited to be part of this trend by providing the STOXX Digital Asset Blue Chip Index to private bank Maerki Baumann. The index was co-developed with crypto-financial services provider Bitcoin Suisse. It selects high-quality assets from the crypto universe by applying a well-founded index methodology,”

said Axel Lomholt, General Manager at STOXX.

The benefits are highlighted by Maerki Baumann’s Head of Investment Management, Konstantinos Ntefeloudis, who is responsible for management of the bank’s crypto investment solutions: “The STOXX Digital Asset Blue Chip Index is composed of a comprehensive selection of the world’s leading digital assets that allows us to offer our clients a reliable benchmark. The transparency in the valuation methodology strengthens the trust in our crypto investment solutions. Namely, the use of the index supports professional, structured and diversified access to the digital asset market – for the benefit of our clients.”

The STOXX Digital Asset Blue Chip Index tracks a diversified basket of assets, utilizing crypto-native metrics to select those which serve as a high-class reflection of the current crypto universe. Assets are initially derived from the Bitcoin Suisse Index Reference Classification List (xRCL). Selection is then based on a multi-step procedure which seeks to identify the strongest and most representative assets in each sector, as defined by the Bitcoin Suisse Global Crypto Taxonomy (GCT). A 30 percent cap limits exposure to typically dominant tokens such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

“The STOXX Digital Asset Blue Chip Index sets a new standard for high-quality digital asset investments, focusing on adoption, security, community, and innovation, not just market cap. We are grateful to have embarked on this journey with a respected partner like STOXX. The licensing of the index to a prestigious Swiss financial institution like Maerki Baumann not only validates the robustness and potential of our product, but also signifies a pivotal moment in the integration of digital assets into mainstream finance.”

said Chris Zulliger, Head Invest & Advice at Bitcoin Suisse

About STOXX 
STOXX® and DAX® indices comprise a global and comprehensive family of more than 17,000 strictly rules-based and transparent indices. Best known for the leading European equity indices EURO STOXX 50®, STOXX® Europe 600 and DAX®, the portfolio of index solutions consists of total market, benchmark, blue-chip, sustainability, thematic and factor-based indices covering a complete set of world, regional and country markets. STOXX and DAX indices are licensed to more than 550 companies around the world for benchmarking purposes and as underlyings for ETFs, futures and options, structured products, and passively managed investment funds. STOXX Ltd., part of the ISS STOXX group of companies, is the administrator of the STOXX and DAX indices under the European Benchmark Regulation. 

ISS STOXX GmbH, through its group companies, is a leading provider of comprehensive and data-centric research and technology solutions that help capital market participants identify investment opportunities, detect qualitative and quantitative portfolio company risks, and meet evolving regulatory requirements. With roots dating back to 1985, we today deliver world-class benchmark and custom indices across asset classes and geographies and serve as a premier source of independent corporate governance, sustainability, cyber risk, and fund intelligence research, data, and related offerings. Our products and services give clients the scale and leverage they need to grow their business more effectively and efficiently. ISS STOXX, which is majority owned by Deutsche Börse Group, is comprised of more than 3,400 professionals operating across 33 global locations in 19 countries. Its approximately 6,400 clients include many of the world’s leading institutional investors who turn to ISS STOXX for its objective and varied offerings, as well as companies focused on ESG, cyber, and governance risk mitigation as a shareholder value enhancing measure. Clients rely on ISS STOXX’s expertise to help them make informed decisions to benefit their stakeholders. 

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