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Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

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Wealth Management

Systematic investment solutions that are scalable and personal, integrated and customizable, sophisticated and cost-effective

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The world of wealth management is changing. A younger generation of high net worth and ultra-high net worth clients are demanding more customized portfolios and integration of personal values through vehicles like direct indexing and Separately Managed Accounts. As a wealth management firm – whether you are a CIO or an advisor – there’s increasing pressure to do more, with less.

Let us support you. Our scalable risk management and portfolio construction technology can help you meet the changing expectations your clients have.

What do wealth managers need?

A menu of model portfolios

To ensure the best ideas are captured with a minimum number of starting point building blocks


To manage client portfolios to the model, taking into account individual client preferences

Tax efficiency at scale

To scale cost-effectively and to maximize client quality of the solution relative to the human capital required for portfolios

Risk models

To have risk models that are tailored to the client use case and investment universe across asset classes

How do wealth managers benefit from tax optimization and direct indexing solutions?

Personalization and customization

  • Incorporate client views of ESG, impact, thematic & factor
  • Use custom indices to build the strategy to the client’s investment and personal preferences

Scalable account management

  • Tailor the portfolio to offset concentrations in employer stock or inherited securities
  • Incorporate asset allocation strategies while managing Unified Managed Accounts (UMA)
  • Recognize tax-netting opportunities across all portfolios while preventing potential wash sales

Tax optimization

  • Balance tax loss harvesting and model drift as either optimization targets or constraints
  • Manage number of names owned, traded, as well as thresholds in the amount held or traded

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