Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Blog Posts — June 14, 2022

GEA Group to join DAX ESG Target as Delivery Hero exits

Qontigo has announced the results of the June regular review to the composition of the DAX® ESG Target and DAX® 50 ESG indices, as well as to the benchmark DAX®. The actions listed below will be effective as of June 20 this year. 

No changes

DAX ESG Target
Additions:       GEA Group AG 
Deletions:       Delivery Hero SE 

Additions:       Beiersdorf AG
Deletions:       Delivery Hero SE

The DAX 50 ESG and DAX ESG Target indices combine the two most popular responsible-investing approaches: negative screening and best-in-class ESG integration. The DAX 50 ESG was developed as a broad-market ESG benchmark with a larger composition than that of the flagship DAX. The DAX ESG Target aims to reflect the DAX and follows an optimized weighing methodology whose objective is to improve the portfolio’s ESG score and decrease its carbon footprint relative to the benchmark, while limiting the tracking error.  

The DAX 50 ESG serves as underlying for respective ETFs managed by Lyxor Asset Management and Credit Suisse Asset Management, for structured products, and for futures and options listed on Eurex. The DAX ESG Target underlies an ETF managed by BlackRock.

The next regular review of the two DAX ESG indices will take place on September 6.