Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Press Releases — December 3, 2021

Deutsche Wohnen SE joins MDAX

No changes in DAX

(Zug, 3 December 2021) – Qontigo’s global index provider STOXX Ltd. has announced changes to the DAX index family, which will become effective on 20 December 2021. Deutsche Wohnen SE will be included in the MDAX. According to the Guide to the DAX Equity Indices (section Equity Index Rankings), the company will be added to the index on the basis of a sufficiently high free float market capitalization. Based on the fast exit rule, zooplus AG will be deleted from the MDAX, due to a strong decrease in free float market capitalization.

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Changes in SDAX (all based on the fast entry rule):

Changes in TecDAX:

  • Nagarro SE replaces Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG (based on the fast entry rule)

The constituents of DAX remain unchanged.

The index composition of DAX, MDAX, SDAX and TecDAX is reviewed quarterly based on the fast exit and fast entry rules and semi-annually based on the regular exit and regular entry rules. The purpose of the review based on the fast exit and fast entry rules is to account for significant changes in rankings. These changes may occur when companies no longer possess the required size (free float market capitalization) which may arise due to large issues (e.g., major changes in the free float or a steep price drop) and should be taken into consideration promptly in the index.

The next scheduled index review of the DAX index family is 3 March 2022.

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