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Analytics-enhanced indices help investors meet increasingly complex investment objectives by managing trade-offs between risk, return and sustainability criteria

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Qontigo’s benchmark indices offer comprehensive coverage of global, regional and country markets based on market capitalization and trading turnover

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Blue-chip indices, including EURO STOXX 50® and DAX®, track the largest companies in global, regional and country markets

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Qontigo’s comprehensive range of flexible sustainable index solutions help investors meet their responsible investing goals

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Paris-Aligned Benchmark (PAB) indices and Climate Transition Benchmark (CTB) indices are designed to facilitate the shift towards a low carbon economy

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Thematic indices allow investors to track today’s demographic and technology-driven megatrends

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Factor indices offer investors solutions that focus on fundamental drivers of performance such as volatility, size, dividends, momentum and more

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VSTOXX®, VDAX® and an entire family of index-based volatility strategies enable you to hedge your portfolio risk or invest in volatility as an asset class

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