Continue active refreshing of this index's data?

Continue active refreshing of this index's data?


Asset class indices

Gain transparent and systematic exposure to markets outside of equities

STOXX indices track the performance of financial asset classes wherever liquidity and transparency allow for an accurate representation of the underlying market.

Fixed Income

  • The eb.rexx® Bond Indices reflect the market for government and agency fixed income securities denominated in euros, based on prices from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
  • The EUROGOV Bond Indices track government bonds denominated in euros. They are computed based on composite, non-binding quotes from registered multilateral trading facility Tradeweb®.


STOXX volatility indices offer a broad range of investment options to anticipate the development in European volatility. The most representative volatility index is VSTOXX®, also known as the Eurozone volatility gauge. An extensive menu of indices allows investors exposure to the entire maturity curve and enables volatility- and options-based strategies.

Reference Rates

The STOXX® GC Pooling index family is based on the Eurex Repo GC Pooling Market and offers a transparent, rules-based, independent alternative to unsecured interbank benchmarks such as LIBOR and EURIBOR/EONIA.

The indices represent secured euro lending transactions and binding quotations and cover the full money market curve. Each index is available in three versions: volume-weighted average rate indices, current rate indices and total volume indices.

Currency Rates

The STOXX® FX Rolling Spot Mid Rate and STOXX® FX Rolling Spot Tomorrow Next Open Rate indices indicate the respective rate of major currency pairs, and serve as reference for the settlement of the Eurex Rolling Spot futures.

The rates represented by the indices are provided by 360T, the multi-bank and multi-asset trading platform for OTC financial instruments that is part of the Deutsche Börse Group. The data used in the index calculation is from a transparent, bilateral and disclosed FX execution model where the client (price taker) indicates their interest to their liquidity providers, who then competitively price the requested transaction accordingly, while exercising their best execution policy to award the trade to the winning provider.

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